The new Windows 11 is another Microsoft release. As usual, I’m not impressed at all. Anyways, a client was having issues when trying to clone a git repo on her new Windows 11 machine. the client kept getting error “Destination path too long” error message.

There are some suggestions online to make a registry and or use the Group Policy Editor. Both did not work for me. The suggested registry change is to change the value of the below registry key to ‘1’:


I rebooted and still got the same error above. I did not even try Local Group Policy since this was a Windows 11 Home edition.

After having some great coffee from Colombia, I found a way to make this work.

I created a folder directly on the root (C: drive). For example, C:\work_here

On the Windows 11 command prompt I change directories to the above and did a git clone. All works now.

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