After installing ColdFusion 2023 on Red Hat Linux I got this error:

You tried to access the ColdFusion Administrator or other internal components from a disallowed IP address (70.x.x.x). These ColdFusion components can only be accessed from localhost and other allowed IP addresses.

What my client wanted to do was to access the Admin portal for the new ColdFusion 2023 install. I remember during the installation there was an option like:

Allowed admin IPs are the client IP addresses that can access the ColdFusion administrator. They can be a comma separated list of IP addresses (for example,,, etc.). IP addresses can range from 10-30, or * wild cards. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported.

I got lockout of the CF2023 admin portal. After brewing my own coffee at home I was able to find a solution.

To fix this, you need to login to our friend the Terminal and find this file in your ColdFusion install directory usually at /opt/ColdFusion:


ColdFusion documentation is not clear to me. So, I had to do lots of research. But, using the handy find command from within my cfusion directory /opt/ColdFusion/cfusion. I found the neo-security.xml file at:

find . -name neo-security.xml

the location is:


The xml file will look a little messy. Find the lines that show:

<var name='allowedAdminIPList'><string>
[your IPs go here]

Enter the IP or IPs. You can use IP wildcards such as:

10.*.*.*, 192.168.*.*,

Save the file and restart ColdFusion:

sh /opt/ColdFusion/cfusion/bin/coldfusion restart

You will need to be root or use sudo.

Try to access the admin portal now. As usual, you can contact me if you have any questions of like collaborate. I’m not an expert, but I like to play and learn different technologies = IT Handyman. Thanks!

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