I found myself configuring for the first time a new Windows 11 laptop for a client. I was used to configure the initial account in other Windows versions as a local user. This time the setup of Windows 11 without a Microsoft account was very tricky.

After having a beer in one of my favorite bars in New York city I found a way to get around this confusing setup.

I tried the old fashion way to manage Windows users and I ran:


I got the usual screen which is funny because this is Windows 11 and NOT Windows 10. See what it says on the Local Users and Group screen:

lusrmgr.msc window in Windows 11

Finally, I found a quick way to setup Windows 11 without a Microsoft account.

Windows 11 without Microsoft account
New user screen Windows 11

I like the command prompt in either Windows or Linux or whatever system I touch.

At the setup screen in Windows press Shift + F10 shortcut. This will open a command prompt. Next, we need to release the network configuration we setup in the previous screen by running this command:

ipconfig /release
Windows 11 without Microsoft account
ipconfig /release command Windows 11

You need to close the Command prompt then quickly click on the Back button/arrow. Windows will now show you the ‘Who’s going to use this device?’ screen. This will be a local user. Enter your desired username, press Next and then enter a password for this new local user. You will be prompted for the usual privacy settings.

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