One of my clients texted me about having issues authenticating to a network share using his credentials. In this case somebody else was able to connect to the same network share, but he needed to connect using his own credentials.

The users found out that by rebooting Windows they can resolve this. But, who wants to reboot all the time?!!

After wearing my cool irregular bucket hat and brewed a good cup of coffee from Ecuador I was able to find a better way.

Removing the Network Credentials using the Command Prompt

After I found this solution I remembered I have done this years ago in Windows. This is what happens when you don’t document your solutions.

So, to remove the ‘cached’ network credentials open your command prompt and type the below to see which network shares are mounted and authenticated run:

net use

This will give you a list such as:

Status  Local  Remote  Network
OK             \\somesharename\somefolder

Now, to remote the above ‘cached’ network share run:

net use \\somesharename\somefolder /del

You should get a message:

\\somesharename\somefolder was deleted successfully.

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