A client called me the other day asking me how to open VS code from macOS terminal. The user started doing some Web Development and wanted to make his environment run smoothly.

After I finished my meeting with my friend coffee farmer from Finca Perseverancia in Honduras I decided to put together this brief tutorial to Open VS Code from macOS Terminal.

First, you need to start VS Code. If you don’t have it you can download it here. Then, run Command + Shift + P. You should see the below:

VS Code command palette
VS Code command palette

This area in VS Code is called the ‘VS Code command palette’. This will let you change settings.

Next, type in the command palette the below and hit Enter:


It should look like the screenshot below. The option Install ‘code’ command in PATH should be selected. This will do all changes you need.

You should see a confirmation window saying:

Shell command 'code' successfully installed in PATH.

That’s all. Contact me if you have any questions. You can also leave a comment below. If you like to support me visit my ITPro Helper shop. I made some cool T-Shirt and coffee mugs designs.

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