To use the pflogsumm command to find general rejection reasons in your mail logs, you need to ensure that your mail server logs contain the necessary information about rejected or bounced emails. Once you have the logs, you can use pflogsumm to analyze them and generate a summary report that includes rejection reasons. Here’s how you can do it:

Install pflogsumm:

sudo yum install postfix-perl-scripts


sudo apt-get install postfix-pflogsumm

Once installed, you can run pflogsumm with the path to your mail log file(s) as an argument. For example:

pflogsumm /var/log/mail.log

This command will analyze the mail logs and generate a summary report, including various statistics and information about mail delivery, rejection reasons, etc.

I feel pflogsumm give a general idea, but it does not show you specific emails that are deferring and/or reason(said). I need to look deeper into this and wear my favorite soy hat beanie to concentrate better.

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