I needed to record some troubleshooting steps in Windows for a client. I’m used to record the screen natively in macOS, but I was not sure how to record the screen in Windows. As usual, I imaged I had to installed an app for it.

However, I found Windows has a native tool to record the screen. A huge surprise to me! I found the PSR(Problem Steps Recorder) tool in Windows. I brewed a good of cup of Catimor specialty coffee before playing with this tool

Open the PSR tool

Press Start > type psr in the search box and select psr.exe in the results.

Use the PSR tool

The PSR tool is very simple to use. Once you open it just press ‘Start Record’, do whaever you need and then press ‘Stop Record’. It will then ask to save the recording. It will be saved into a .zip file.

You can also annotate by adding comments. More info on the PSR tool here.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to collaborate. Thanks!

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