Hola! strangely there are not many resources on how to install ColdFusion 2023 on Red Hat Linux out in the wild internet. Even on the Adobe support website there aren’t enough documentation resources specially for newbies that need to start working with ColdFusion. I know, there are still people out there using it.

To be honest, I was forced to learn how to install ColdFusion 2023 on Red Hat. A client wanted a fresh install from their outdated CF2016 server. I knew I needed to take a walk in Brooklyn and the brew a Caturra coffee variety which is one of my favorite coffee varieties.

First, you need to download the ColdFusion2023 zip install file from Adobe. The default install path is: (unzip the file in /opt)


There will be another zip file inside the zip. Yes, crazy! Unzip that one too. You will then see the ColdFusion directory as the path above.

Next, run: (you need to be root or sudo)

sh /opt/ColdFusion/cfusion/bin/cfinstall.sh
navigate to /opt/ColdFusion/cfusion/bin/
and run:

Follow the screen prompts. The default user is set to ‘nobody’. After the successful install you can manage ColdFusion 2023 using the below commands when in the directory /opt/ColdFusion/cfusion/bin/

sudo ./coldfusion status - to see status
sudo ./coldfusion start - to start it
sudo ./coldfusion stop - to stop it

Now, go to the servers IP to finish the final touches. Remember, if you set access to the administrator portal security by IP filters you will need to be on that IP/IP range. This was very confusing to me when I ran the setup script. I got error “You tried to access the ColdFusion Administrator or other internal components from a disallowed IP address“.

Go try to login to your admin portal using your server’s IP and port 8500 which is the default port. For example:

Login with your admin password and enjoy! Contact me if you have any questions. Shop my designs if you like them below.

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