While I was trying my new Irregular bucket hat design at home I got a message from one of my macOS clients. It was about installing new fonts for their macOS machines at the office. I knew this was simple, but I wanted to deploy the fonts using the macOS terminal.

It was late and the client wanted to have the fonts ready the next day. I only had terminal access to the macs at his office. After brewing a great cup of specialty coffee from Ecuador I found a way to do this.

Open your terminal and move/copy the new fonts to: (for system wide use)


or: (for use by the current user only)


Since I wasn’t sure I copied the new macOS fonts to the /Library/Fonts this way anybody using this mac will have access to the fonts.

This is simple, but sometimes we tend to forget simple steps. Hope this is useful. Remember you can always contact me if you have any questions. Also make sure to check out my shop for cool T-Shirts and coffee mugs. I make my own designs. Thanks!

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