The other day a client wanted to find out if his Windows machines were rebooting over the weekend. They had a scheduled task to apply updates and reboot. He wanted to quickly find uptime on Windows. I found some options:

Command line to find uptime on Windows

  1. Open your command line
  2. Type Systeminfo | find “Boot Time”

You should see something like:

Days: 9 Hours: 11 Minutes: 20 Seconds: 12

You can also query a remote Windows machine, but it seems to take longer to get results:

systemsinfo /S "machineName" | find "Boot Time"

Use the Task Manager to find uptime on Windows

  1. Open your task manager
  2. Expand ‘More Details’
  3. Go to Performance
  4. CPU
  5. See on the bottom ‘Up time’

Another way tricky way

This command is a bit tricky and I still need to find out how to read the results:

C:\Users\Tom> wmic path Win32_OperatingSystem get LastBootUpTime

After putting this brief tutorial together I decided to brew a good cup of Caturra coffee at home and head out for a walk.

As usual, you can contact me if you have questions or like to collaborate.

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