I got this error Filezilla.xml could not be loaded right after launching a new Filezilla install on a clients Windows 10 machine. I have never seen this one before. Filezilla has always worked flawless for me. So, I decided to brew my own coffee before I investigate this issue.

The quick fix for Filezilla.xml could not be loaded

This is the error and it shows you where filezilla.xml lives. You have to type the path on Windows explorer because some directories are hidden.

Filezilla.xml could not be found

Type your directory path as show in the screenshot above.

Rename the file: filezilla.xml to whatever you want, maybe filezilla_old.xml.

Close Filezilla and open it again.

If you get similar errors showing you “other files that cannot be found” while you’re closing Filezilla. Then, do the same procedure as above. Locate the file and rename it. Restart Filezilla each time.

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