I have never seen this Docker error: Cannot start service while using docker-compose in the short time I have been using Docker.

While having amazing Latin America coffee from Honduras I decided to jump back into my personal Flask project. This project is mainly to keep track of your blood pressure by taking daily readings and keeping a record. This record can then be shared with your doctor by email, PDF printout or by giving your doctor access to your profile.

Using Docker with docker-compose I got this “Docker error: Cannot start service…..”

Docker error: Cannot start service …: network 5f9226bdb324e31fa4e4bff6777b18b329dc7e6c55e7a2dca5c72601ff10927c not found

Doing a little research I found out that I did not properly stopped my running containers. I lost track of this project and then did not remember what was the last thing I did. This is not good! Always keep track of your projects specially with learning something new. I use Trello to keep a bit more organized and know what was the last thing I did.

To fix the above error I simply ran this two commands in my working project directory:

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d <or without the -d>

It was all fixed and I got to go for a walk in NYC! Happy learning!

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